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Cat Breeds

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Description / History

The Highlander first began development in 2004 with its roots tracing back to the Highland Lynx. An east coast breeder developed the Highland Lynx in 1993.  In late 2005 Highlander became the name to identify our cats as a breed of their own. The Highlander breeders worked diligently to educate the public; in order to bring about an awareness of how truly unique these cats are, but mostly to earn respectability for this breed.

With their unique looks, "The big cat look" in a domestic breed. The Highlander is a muscular, athletic domestic cat Medium to large in size with noticeable depth. Rectangular in shape hips higher than shoulders. 

The Highlander characteristics include a sloping forehead and wide nose, with the nose and muzzle forming a blunt look in profile. With curled ear in a backward direction The feet come as a straight foot or a polydactyl, Ie: 6 to 7 toes on a foot. Selective breeding has contributed to protecting the unique features and enhancing the bloodlines.


Many people say they are more dog-like in their personalities. They adjust well into households with other animals. They get along well with dogs and cats and they have adjusted well into households with ferrets, birds, rabbits, and other assorted reptiles. They also get along well with children.

A highly intelligent cat. Many people have easily taught their cats to fetch, walk on a leash, etc. But do not expect your Highlander to just sit around the house. They are active cats, but are not curtain climbers.


Females range from 12+ lbs. Males range from 20+ lbs.


The wide set eyes are large and expressive, set at an angle, with colors ranging from gold, copper or green to blue eyes in the snows.


The fur has a ticked tabby pattern with various shades of the marking color and ground color, with the outer tipping being the darkest and the undercoat being the ground color. Highlander cats come in both shorthair and longhair.

The leopard pattern is a spotted tabby pattern. A dorsal stripe runs the length of the body to the tip of the tail. The stripe is ideally composed of spots. The markings on the face and forehead are typical tabby markings, With the underside of the body having distinct spots. The legs and tail are barred. In the sepia, mink, and snow subdivisions, it is desirable for ghost leopard spots to appear on the bodies. They may also come in a tawny or torbie pattern.

Colors: Sepia, Mink, Snow, Blue, Orange, Cream, Fawn, Silver, Ebony, Bronze and Chocolate.


The Highlander is recognized by TICA for competition in the Preliminary New Breed class starting May 1st, 2008.



Highlander information and photo provided by Exotic SweetSpots


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