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Cat Age Chart


Cat Age Chart

Use this handy chart for quickly finding your cat's age in human years. A typical indoor cat that has had his yearly shots can live to be 11 to 17 years of age. However, a fair percentage of indoor cats have exceeded 20-25 years of age. Some outdoor cats with and without owners, or cats that have never had their shots and checkups,  can expect to live shorter lives of 2-8 years. What is your cat’s age in human years?


Cats Age in Human Years

Cat's Age

Equivalent Human Age

1 Year 15 Years
2 Years 24 Years
3 Years 28 Years
4 Years 32 Years
5 Years 36 Years
6 Years 40 Years
7 Years 44 Years
8 Years 48 Years
9 Years 52 Years
10 Years 56 Years
11 Years 60 Years
12 Years 64 Years
13 Years 68 Years
14 Years 72 Years
15 Years 76 Years
16 Years 80 Years
17 Years 84 Years
18 Years 88 Years
19 Years 92 Years
20 Years 96 Years
21 Years 100 Years



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